Social Action

Mission Statement
To welcome people who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, especially the most vulnerable, accompanying them in their process of promotion and integral development, analysing and influencing the causes of poverty and working for social justice.

Our vision of society is that of a civilization of love and justice where every human being can prosper and live in dignity and peace as members of the human family. Therefore, we want to be an entity capable of: To adapt our action to the social challenges of each moment, effectively accompanying the people assisted and giving adequate answers that guarantee the integral development and the promotion of the people and the exercise of their rights. Denounce the causes that generate, or may generate, poverty and exclusion and work towards their eradication. Urge the Administration to assume its responsibilities and put the person at the centre of its action. Be transmitters of values to the parish community and to society in general, involving them in the construction of a more just and solidary world and weaving solidary networks with individuals, companies, entities and institutions. To guarantee an economic independence that allows us freedom of action. Accompany all the people who are part of the entity and promote participation at all levels, sharing the illusion that we all make possible. To carry out our work with firmness, efficiency and total transparency.


LOVE is the foundation of our identity and service, inspiring source of our values.

DIGNITY OF THE PERSON: The person is the center of our action. We recognize their capacities and promote their potentialities by promoting their social integration and integral development.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: We work for justice and the transformation of unjust structures, from an active attitude, committed and not bel-Light, as a requirement for recognition of the dignity of the person and their rights.

SOLIDARITY: We feel united to those who suffer, by our conviction of equality and justice. We promote an interest in others, especially for the most needy, in order to bring about significant change and social transformation.

PARTICIPATION: We are open to all people who share our ideals and we promote participation at all levels, encouraging the involvement of all people who are part of the entity, generating complicity and synergies externally and promoting community social work.

AUSTERITY: We optimize our resources from an ethical and coherent use.

INNOVATION AND QUALITY: We develop our activity seeking continuous improvement to anticipate and adapt to the reality of each moment, always for the benefit of the individual, the community and society as a whole.

TRANSPARENCY: We share an institutional culture based on ethics and the openness of information to all.